31 Jul 2020


Tayec Empowerment Group is a youth group from South Mugirangu, Kisii county with a  membership of 18 . The group secured a loan Uwezo Fund loan of Ksh 100,000.They manufacture non consumable in soapstone carving including animals,utensils and wooden items.They not only do soapstone carving but also train youths in acquiring curving & crafting skills. They earn a living from selling the products and also export them to other countries.


  1. Increase in sales through marketing of soap stone products such as animals,utensils and woden items.
  2. The group exports their products to other countries including Germany,Italy,Ghana and Italy.
  3. Creation of employment to 10 members of the group.5members do soapstone carving and the other 5 members sell the
  4. Through training many youths have learnt crafting skills in the region.
  5. The group has generated a profit of 100% from soap stone curving.

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