31 Jul 2020


The group is located in Kabuchai constituency,Bungoma Central sub-county in Bungoma county.  The group come together and decided to engage in table banking as  a way of supporting each other.The group has a total number of 28 members. The group took their first loan of  Ksh. 200,000 which they used to plant thorn lemon , pampkin and sweet potatoes. Members are self employed as they earn a living from their business.

In addition, the  group  ventures in value addition of products like sweet potato  which includes; cooking chapati ,cakes ,biscuits and cakes using sweet potatoes.


  1. Created employment to all the members of the Sengeteti focal area women group. The group divided themselves into 4 sub-groups each consisting of 7 members; first 7 members cook chapatis,7 make sales and deliveries,7 bake cakes and biscuits and last 7 members make sales and deliveries.
  2. Enhancing food security through farming of thorn lemon , pampkin and sweet potatoes.
  3. Uwezo Fund loan has boosted table banking from Ksh.5, 600 to Ksh.14, 000 per month.
  4. Increase of Sales through marketing of thorn lemon , pampkin and sweet potatoes.



  1. The group has market at the moment hence  that is why they aim in engaging  large scale farming  of thorn lemon , pampkin and sweet potatoes from 1 acre to 5 acres of land.
  2. This will in turn enable the group to sell  their products to chwele market.
  3. Standardization of   their product flour (made of pampkin and sweet potatoes) by Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBs ).

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