31 Jul 2020


The group was formed back in 2006 with the aim of expanding their businesses. Hope Disability Network group from Machakos together with other group members from Machakos County they have formed a CBO. The group has 25 members in total. They also engage in rabbit rearing, water project and have tree nursery seedlings. They received KSh.100, 000 which they invested in basket weaving; making necklaces and table banking that has now accumulated to KSh.700, 000.


  1. The group created employment to 10 members of the group. The group divided themselves into 4 sub-groups; one sub group consists of 5 members who are involved in tree planting, 5 rabbit keeping project,5 basket weaving , 5 members water project and the last sub-group of 5 members are involved in marketing of the products.
  2. Increase sales in water project, tree planting and basket weaving.
  3. Access to clean water which prevents them from water borne diseases like typhoid and cholera.

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