31 Jul 2020


The group is from Bungoma county ,Kabuchai constituency has 34 members.They engage in detergent soap making in the entire consituency . The group received a loan of  Ksh .200,000 to enable them expand their business and creat employment to the members of the group.The group managed to repay the loan and this made them secure the second  Phase of Ksh. 300,000. Out of which they repaid Ksh. 64,000 remaining with a balance of Ksh.236,000. In addition , the activities they  venture inlude:

  1. Table banking
  2. Chicken rearing.
  3. Farming i.e sweet potatoes,groundnuts and irish potato
  4. Detergent soap making


  1. Increase in manufacture of soap detergent from 20 litres to 500 litres due to high demand.
  2. Created employment to the 20 members;5 rear chicken,10 farming of sweet potatoes,groundnuts and irish potato and 5 members in detergent soap making.
  3. The group repaid their first loan enabling them to secure the second loan of Ksh.300,000 to boost their business.
  4. The group own 5 cows and produce upto 12 litres of milk which they sell milk to the dairy each day.

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